Friday, July 25, 2008

Internet TV - The Convergence Has Begun

Internet TV is now a reality that is available Charlie's Angels anyone Human Torch the comfort of their homes injury compensation claim that is bringing a completely new meaning to the concept of the Internet and TV watching. Times change fast and rapidly and customs seem to follow specific trends from old safeauto to new ones, but one way or another, two things seem to be always very much alive and keeping some sort of continuity: - a strong desire of being entertained and corporations using the Bewitched for advertising. These are things that always kept the industry moving, allowing new shows and new technology to be implemented.

The arrival of the internet created a completely new playground, where unthinkable things were suddenly possible and moreover the faster speed of the connections made actual real time full content channels available for on line broadcast. Whether it is a major network willing to give the video feed or, simply a couple of guys in their garage, the technology allows the audience to sit in front of their computers and enjoy a full TV experience. Internet TV is truly changing the rules of traditional television, much more than cable and satellite did in the past two decades.

The only thing that could be somehow compared to Internet TV, is probably pay per view, in terms of picking and watch, although they are not really the same thing, as the applications on the internet are way bigger and more important. The main issues so far were about monitors, sound and HD feed, but even those are rapidly becoming available over the Internet.

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